Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sony Vs Microsoft

Wall Street apparently wanted something more revolutionary out of the Xbox One that launched today, as Microsoft’s stock is down 0.66%. In turn, investors pushed Sony shares up 9% as they expect its new Playstation 4 to give the Xbox One a solid fight for console gaming dominance.

Microsoft’s debut of the Xbox One today touted features including live TV, Skype group video chat, split-screen multi-tasking, voice command, social recommendations, a more sensitive Kinect, and stronger hardware for next-generation graphics. A deep partnership with Electronic Arts, Steven Spielberg’s involvement in a Halo TV series for Xbox, and exclusive early access to downloadable content for the new Call Of Duty game were all announced as well. Still, there wasn’t one thing that left people saying “Playstation is screwed”.

The complexities of integrating with live TV and the lack of an obvious killer feature contributed to $MSFT fall of 0.66%, or $0.23, to $34.85. At the same time, Sony’s stock rose 9.25%, or $1.94, to reach $22.91.

Sony tried to hijack gamers’ attention to updates on Twitter and Facebook this morning with ads touting the June 10th reveal of its new Playstation console at E3. PS4 ads told viewers they could “See It First” by RSVPing to watch Sony’s event, and offered a teaser video hosted on both Sony’s site and YouTube.

Some of what Sony has in store for the Playstation 4 was debuted at an event in February, but details were scarce. The corporation will need a hit, though, as Sony has been hemorrhaging money with a $5.74 billion loss in its 2012 fiscal year.

The real duel will go down at E3 where both Sony and Microsoft will spill more of the beans on their new consoles. Xbox One’s incremental updates could certainly be outshined if Sony can unveil some significant advancements, not just lifeless game demos and endless specs.

Josh Constine 22 May, 2013

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2013/05/21/xbox-one-vs-playstation-4/
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