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Instagram is an app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android that allows users to share and upload photos within the Instagram community or across social networks. To get followers on Instagram, try the following tips and techniques to get more followers!

1. Be selective with your photo uploads. 
The best way to gain new followers on Instagram is to provide content that is valuable to users. Nobody wants to be bombarded with detailed photojournalism projects on what you had for lunch or how sexy your feet look in those new sandals. Upload only your best shots––and not in one huge lump, or people might miss them.
Be selective with your photo uploads.

2. Use hashtags. 
Hashtags can help you attract users who are searching for a particular type of photo or subject. (For example, if you take a picture of the Eiffel Tower, include "#paris" or "#eiffeltower" in the description and anyone looking for photos taken in Paris will be able to find your picture.) Using popular hashtags can also help you capitalize on what’s trending. For example, go to and see if any of the hashtags apply to your own photos––even old ones.
Avoid using hashtags that don’t apply. Wasting people’s time is not a good way to gain followers.

3. Geotag your photos. 
People are interested in photos from locations that they know. On top of that, as you post geotagged photos, Instagram brings up other photos from that location. This means that other people posting photos from the same location as you might see your pictures and follow them to your profile.
Geotag your photos.

4. Follow and compliment other users. 
Spreading feelings of goodwill is a great way to increase your own base of followers. Do it sincerely, though; following a few people with intent is more effective (not to mention far less obvious) than playing a numbers game.
Follow and compliment other users.

Follow “Suggested Users” by selecting “Find Friends” > ”Suggested Users”. Following users that have similar interests to you may encourage them to follow you in return.

5. Make sure your account is public. To check your account's status:
From the settings page, under 'Privacy,, make sure the "photos are private" toggle is set to OFF. This allows other Instagram users to follow you and view your photos without your authorization.

6. Share your Instagram photos across your other social networks. This makes it easy for your friends and other Instagram users to find your photos and potentially become a follower.
Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Click the icon on the far right to get to the settings page. Scroll down and click on Edit sharing settings.

You'll see a list of social networks that you can link to your Instagram account (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare). Click any name and you'll be asked to enter your username and password to link accounts. The more social services you share your Instagram account with, the more you can promote your photos and increase your following.

7. Find and invite friends. 
This can be done from within the @(YourAccountName) settings tab on the far right. Users like to follow users who have a lot of followers. This is why it can be difficult to gain followers early on. Getting friends from other social networks to follow your Instagram account is crucial for building an initial follower base.

Click the “Find friends” button to add friends from your Facebook, Twitter, or address book, or simply search for usernames and names of people you know that may be using Instagram.
Click the “Invite friends” button to select contacts from your address book and send them an email invite to join Instagram.

8. Check out what popular users are posting on Instagram. 
(These are listed under the “Popular” tab.) Use these images for inspiration – though make sure you don’t outright copy anyone else’s shots or style. If you are posting photos that users find valuable, they will quickly follow you and encourage others to do the same.
Check out what popular users are posting on Instagram.

  • If you would like to require authorization before other Instagram users can follow you and view your photos, click the “@(YourUserName)" tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, and switch the “Photos are private” toggle to “ON”. You will be prompted to confirm the decision, click “Yes, I’m sure”.
  • When attempting to add location data to photos, the Instagram app will prompt you to "Allow" or "Don't Allow" access to your device's location information.
  • Follow anyone who says they will follow back - they do!
  • Posting good pictures should help you get more followers.
  • Follow as many people as you can. About 1/2 of the people you follow will follow back.
  • Use hash tags, it will help get followers.
  • If your friends don't follow you on instagram, and you're following them- remind them to!
  • Make sure to like and leave comments on other people's photos so they see your profile and maybe decide to follow you.
  • Only post on instagram things you would say In real life. If you are not a sports person off the Internet, don't go around saying you're a huge fan of softball on instagram. Be honest. If you're not, It will just confuse people and they won't follow you.
  • Put popular hashtags on your all your Instagram photos!
  • Follow super-stars.
  • Follow a lot of people.
  • Don't unfollow people when they follow you back, they notice and will also unfollow you. There are also apps that detect who's followed/unfollowed you.
  • Try liking random people's photos. There is a 8/10 chance that they will follow back. Try liking people that have less than 400 followers.
  • Be popular in school and know if they have an Instagram.
  • Don't be shy to post pictures of yourself. You are beautiful no matter what they say!
  • Do not tag hundreds of irrelevant things for example if its a picture of your Starbucks cup don't tag #summer #tumblr #cuteboy that's just annoying & also false advertising.
  • Don't be rude to your followers! They will unfollow you.
  • Like photos, but do not spam a certain user. Then, all they will be able to see is that you liked all their photos, not if someone else mentioned them.
  • Post only once or twice a day so that you don't spam your followers news feed with too many photos.
  • Comment on other people's photos there is a 70% chance that they follow you if you comment, than if like their photos.
  • Follow people who follow you back eg: Flufflingqueen
  • Be funny!
  • Most people follow back. Try following more people for more followers.
  • Don't beg for shoutouts, it's annoying. (Ex: @coolkidsdanceon can I have a shoutout plz!).
  • Make fan signs for them so you they will follow you.
  • Like pictures of people that have common fields of interest. For instance #jewelrydesign or #architecture.
  • Be who you are not who everyone else wants you to be!
  • Don't take random pics of yourself. Only put pics that are worth seeing (exciting things).


Be wary of websites that offer you the opportunity to "Buy Instagram Followers". No website has the facility to add real followers to your profile, only automated 'bots' that will devalue your account.

Things You'll Need

Instagram app requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running iOS 3.1.2 or later; Android version 2.2 and later.

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